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Finding information about multi-stage races and mountain ultras is a difficult task. There are many blogs by athletes about their preparations and gear selection before events, many reviews online about different shoes and backpacks, and lots of training advice. However, it is not easy to put together all of that information into a consolidated plan.

I've been through the process of preparing for four stage races and I'm not certain about how to perform to the best of my abilities and produce a perfect stage race yet. However, I have been refining the process and I usually record my progress in posts on my blog. Here are links to various appropriate posts to create a guide on multi-stage racing and mountain ultras. This is not even close to complete and will be updated as I prepare for future races and as I write new posts.

Race Gear
Mandatory race gear
My gear for the Jungle Ultra 2014
My food and gear choices for KAEM13
Food for a multi-stage race
My gear selection for the 2013 Atacama Crossing
My gear selection for the 2012 Atacama Crossing
A review of how well my gear worked in the 2012 Atacama Crossing

WAA Ultrabag (MDS) and OMM Adventure 20l
Salomon XA25WP and OMM Classic 25L
Raidlight Olmo 20L and Salomon XA20
Raidlight Evolution 2

Training for a multi-stage race
A week of my training
Some thoughts on training
A progress report providing some details on a race build-up
Looking after your feet
An article on race preparation (on Running The Cape)

Training for mountain races
Using a GPS watch for running
Tips about preparing for altitude, heat and jet lag
Run nutrition strategy for an 8-hour run
Downhill running

Recovery during training, during races, post race

Reviewing a race course
My training camp in the desert before the 2013 Atacama Crossing

Race reports
Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon
Atacama Crossing 2013
Atacama Crossing 2012

Please let me know in the comments if there are specific things you'd like to read about in future posts.