Pierre a Voir - Switzerland - 2020 - 8th

Today I ran in my first trail race of the 2020 season. I ran the Pierre a Voir race in 2017 and this year I chose the shorter 21km Trail du Bisse race to start off my "season". The race is a climb up from Saxon to La Boveresse and then a longer, runnable descent along the bisse and down towards the finish in Saxon. I knew it would be intense and faster than what I usually prefer, but I think that was exactly what I needed with no race miles on my legs at all this year.

I ran with a plan to control my intensity (mostly in Z4) for the ascent and then to run as well as I could all the way down to the finish. This worked perfectly! With some support from V I used my race nutrition and I got to run harder than I ever do in training. My goal was to race my best race and to run as well as I could at every point in the race. I achieved this goal and didn't have any issues along the way. I was so pleased to execute a race plan in race conditions and give it everything I had on the day.

I have some work to do and some training needed to get back to top form. However, there are a few more races on the calendar and this served as a great re-introduction to racing!

A beautiful morning for a trail race.

I was very happy to get started and to be racing again.

Heading up from the valley through the vineyards and into the mountains.

In Sapinhaut and finding my racing rhythm again.

A fantastic race and great sensations all the way!

Race result:

15 August 2020
8th place


Matías said...

Nice to see you back racing boss. I'm sure there will be more fun in the coming months.

Steve H said...

Congrats Dan, looking strong in those pics!

Daniel Rowland said...

Thank you, Matias. I'm looking forward to the next few races this summer. I know you like the old school race reports too :)

Daniel Rowland said...

Thanks Steve!