Salomon 4 Trails - Chile - 2013 - 10th

I ran the Salomon 21km race in Limache on the weekend to get in a bit of a speed session and to run harder than I have been doing in training. I thought I would be closer to the front of the race, but it didn't turn out that way and my lack of speed in training showed up over the shorter distance. However, my time was the same as I ran for last year's race and my effort level was a little easier so I'm taking away from the race that I'm much more efficient a year later!

Right at the start and standing out in my bright orange Lafuma kit.

There were some great smooth and fast dirt road sections.

The race was mostly rolling single track for a beautiful course.

About 3km from the end with no one in sight in front or behind.

It was a perfect day and an amazing route.

Happy to be done although a few more kms might have helped my position!

Pat came to stay with us for the weekend and to run the race. He had a great day and took 5th place. He was running smooth and strong so all the time in the Vilches mountains seems to be helping.

With Pat after the race.

Matias and Max were also there to support and take footage for TrailChile. Max took some epic photos (the ones with the TrailChile logo) and Matias took the video on bossjogging while cheering me on and helping me through the last part of the race.

As always, Vanessa was there to support me and help me be my best.

Race result:

1 June 2013 21km 1508m 1:52 10th place

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Patrick Thurber said...

Nice, concise report with cool photos! I need to take notes...

The last sentence melted my ice-cold heart.

Hopefully, see ya'll next weekend!