Welcome to my website where I share a range of running, trail-running and ultra-marathon running stories, reports and advice.

I'm Daniel Rowland, a trail and ultra-marathon runner from South Africa, living in Switzerland, and running in races all over the world. I'm fascinated by training and progressing as an athlete. I work as a running coach and I work with HRV4Training as an ambassador and in support of their users.

I started my blog to share my adventures and races and also to have a place to capture information and lessons that I've learned along the way. Over time I started to realize that a lot of the background information and research I did to prepare for my training and races was interesting to other people too. That's why you can now find plenty of posts and pages on training, racing, gear and any other thoughts and ideas I have that I think can help me (and anyone who's also interested).

If you're interested in my races and experiences you can read about each race from the race report list on the sidebar or head to the archives.

If you're interested in coaching get in touch through the contact page.

If you're interested in learning about running from me and my research head over to the resources page.