Trail Vallée de Joux

I spend a lot of time training in the Jura. I love the forests and there are more than enough climbs to do some hard training while still running and keeping a good pace. Most of the photos I share are from Jura in the zone between Col du Mollendruz and Col du Marchairuz - here are a few examples and you can see even more here.

A photo posted by Daniel Rowland (@danielwrowland) on

A photo posted by Daniel Rowland (@danielwrowland) on

A photo posted by Daniel Rowland (@danielwrowland) on

Last weekend was the Trail Vallée de Joux race that followed a lot of the trails that I usually train on so I couldn't resist entering the race to finish off my summer season. The race was 54km with 2647m of climbing. It started in L'Abbaye next to the Lac de Joux, climbed up to Dent de Vaulion and then Châtel, before descending to Montricher, climbing to Mont Tendre and finally following a long loop past Crêt de la Neuve before descending to the finish at Le Sentier. A very cool loop that takes in some of the best trails through this section of the Jura.

My plan for the day was to build on the good race I had at Les Diablerets a couple of weeks ago, to enjoy racing on trails I know well and to finish the summer race season with a solid effort. Happily I managed to achieve all three objectives and have an amazing time. I ran a good race with a time much faster than I had anticipated and came in third overall.

A cool and foggy morning at Col du Mollendruz.

I was running in 4th place here about an hour after the start.

Lots of forest trails around Châtel and Montricher.

Leading after the descent from Châtel to Montricher.

Lots of fog and wind on the ridge and at Mont Tendre.

At Col du Marchairuz at about 33km.

Crêt de la Neuve was the final ascent before lots of downhill to the finish.

A beautiful autumn day at the finish in Le Sentier.

Happy to finish in 3rd.

The podium.

Race result: 5:29:47 and 3rd place.

Gear and Equipment

UVU clothing - vim t-shirt, stark tights and lightweight jacket
ZP compression - compression socks and arm sleeves
32Gi - foodbars, chews, gels, g-shots (and some prototype salt tabs)
Mammut shoes - MTR 201 tech low

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