ÖTILLÖ Cannes Experience - France - 2022 - 3rd

This weekend Vanessa and I entered the ÖTILLÖ Cannes Experience race as a mixed team. It was Vanessa's first SwimRun race and my first SwimRun race in a team. We trained in the pool and on the roads together over the summer and practiced the dynamics of racing with a tether in the last couple of weeks. Our goal was to complete the race, to experience an ÖTILLÖ race, and to have fun.

At the start there were four hundred athletes in the different Sprint and Experience categories starting together which made for a chaotic sprint from the gun. We settled into a steady pace just trying to find firmer footing on the beach and to find our own pace amongst all the other athletes. After the first run and first swim the field had opened up a little, the Sprint athletes turned in a different direction to us, and we were able to click into a rhythm in the streets of Cannes.

From there we ran strong and steady on each run section and we managed to catch a few athletes on each swim section. In the last swim we were surprisingly strong and as we crossed the finish line together we realized we had finished third in the mixed teams! It was an amazing experience and so much fun to race together.

The exciting news is that we had so much fun we plan to race as a team again in the future and V wants to do some more races on her own next year too. We have both fallen in love with this sport!

At the finish.
On the podium.
A fantastic day in Cannes at the ÖTILLÖ race.

Race result

Mixed Team
15 October 2022
7.3km (2.1km swim, 5.2km run)

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