10km Payerne - Switzerland - 2023

The 10km of Payerne is a fast and flat road 10km race. It's a great early season race for me to test the legs and also to check the progress of my winter training. The field is always deep with a lot of good runners and fast times so it's fun to be amongst other runners and to have people to pace off.

Last year I did a time of 34:33 and my goal this year was to run faster than that. Of course I also had a few more optimistic goals based on how my winter training has been progressing. It was a cool morning (~1C) and fortunately there wasn't much wind which made for good conditions for a race in March.

I ran a steady race with almost equal splits between the two laps (lap #1 = 16:43 and lap #2 = 16:44). The first 5km went well and I felt like I was exactly where I wanted to be. Then from 6km to 8km I was struggling a little and didn't quite have the power that I felt earlier in the race. For the last 2km I managed to push to the finish and the last kilometer was exactly the race pace I hoped to run.

I'm happy with my result, over a minute faster than last year, and how I felt on the day. This was a good shock to the system and a good way to push hard and get back into a racing mindset.

At about 6km on lap 2.
In the finishing straight.

Race result

5 March 2023

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