Pierre a Voir - Switzerland - 2nd

I've run Pierre a Voir three times in the last few years (race reports from 2017, 2020, 2021). It's a great race that's close to home, the timing in the season works well, and after a few participations I can compare my progress each year.

This year I wasn't sure about my strength in the mountains. After some SwimRun races with good results (Gorges du Verdon and île de Vassivière) I knew that I was in good shape, but I wasn't sure about my climbing. Once again Pierre a Voir was a great option to test my climbing speed and see where I'm at before my goal races of the summer.

I ran a good climb using my average heart rate on the same climb from last year to guide my effort. While the route was a little different this year, the climb went up the same amount of vertical metres and I was ~2' faster than last year. Then on the descent I ran the best effort I could and that ended up ~1' faster than last year. Overall I was 3' faster than my previous best time and that was good enough for 2nd place. A result I am very pleased with.

The start and finish in Saxon.
Heading up from the start.
In Sapenhaut on a new section of the route.
From Boveresse it's almost all downhill to the finish.
I was very happy to finish 2nd.

Race result

11 June 2022

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