Ovronnaz-Rambert - Switzerland - 2020 - 32nd

Yesterday I did my second race of 2020 season 2.0 after racing at Pierre a Voir three weeks ago. I was excited and nervous about doing my first purely uphill course. In preparation I went to do the route a couple of weeks ago and I was pleased to learn some new trails and to explore around Ovronnaz. The village is beautiful and the course is a tough, but scenic route that winds up the mountains to Cabane Rambert. After doing the reconnaissance I had a good idea of what was coming and in my training I included sessions and routes that would be appropriate as preparation.

The day of the race was forecast to have cold weather and rain, however, when we arrived in Ovronnaz it was sunny and the clouds were blowing away. I did a good warm-up and headed to the start with great anticipation of running a different type of race to my normal races. As the gun went off and a lead group formed I found that I couldn't respond to the pace at all. I felt like I had no energy and that my legs didn't have the force or power to propel me up the hill.

Instead of racing up the mountain like the vertical kilometre specialist I had imagined myself to be in training, my race turned into a slow slog uphill with only occasional running and mostly power hiking. Nevertheless, I finished the race which was a good climb and therefore useful work as a stepping stone towards the last couple of races this season. I did have a good time and enjoyed being in the alps racing again. I'd love to go back to Ovronnaz to train and I'm already thinking about doing the race again next year.

Onwards and upwards!

The helicopter taking up finish-line bags for all the runners.

The trail was beautiful and the weather turned out way better than the forecast.

A little over half-way up before the real technical terrain.

A wonderful route and amazing area for running.

Race result:

6 September 2020
32nd place

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