Gear for a 7-day, 250km desert race

Tomorrow I fly to Calama and then take a bus to San Pedro for the race which starts on Sunday. I have almost all the required gear and I'll be collecting the last few items today. I've aimed to keep my gear to the minimum weight possible and to try and fit everything into a small 16l pack.

The only items I'm taking above the mandatory gear is a spare pair of shorts (bringing my total to 2!), slops to walk around camp, a pair of arm warmers, my iPod, and a toothbrush. So not exactly moving into the luxurious side of camping.

In total my pack will weigh about 6.5kg and hopefully a little less with some careful trimming of unneeded packaging. I already removed all unnecessary straps and zippers from my pack and while it only saved 33g that's more than my "optional" slops at 27g. Every little thing added to my gear slowly adds up, but equally every little thing removed also adds up.

Backpack, waterproof liner, 2l hydration pack and two bottles.

Clothes for a week!

Food for a week!

Mandatory gear including sleeping bag, blister kit, lights, toiletries.

Pack fully loaded and clothes for running outside my pack.