Trails de la vallée du Brevon

In preparation for my goal races of 2016 I've done a series of 45km to 60km races in the spring to test my pacing, nutrition and to work on being race ready. Last week it was the Trail des Allobroges in the Haute Savoie region of the Alps. A 60km race with 4,500m of climbing means it was very tough and a good chance to test my legs on big ascents and descents (a lot of the higher passes in the mountains have been difficult to traverse in training because of lingering snow).

I ran a conservative and consistent race as my goals were focused on resolving a few issues from last season and nailing down a good pace and strategy for longer races this summer. I felt positive the whole day and learnt a couple of things I'd like to tweak and work on in the lead up to Lavaredo in June.

During the early part of the race there was thick fog and there weren't too many views or chances to admire the landscape. However, later in the day the sun came out and I could enjoy the spectacular alpine landscapes and viewpoints from the tops of the many climbs the race took us over. I'd love to go back to this region to train or maybe to do the race again next year!

A grey and cloudy start to the day.

Arriving at the second checkpoint and moving along well.

As always, there were lots of beautiful little towns along the route.

Still going strong at the next checkpoint.

Up high in the early morning there was a log of fog and some snow.

Into the fog!

At the aid station V had gear ready for sunshine and 32Gi to keep me going.

Lac du Vallon.

Later in the day it was beautiful in the mountains.

Just after the last aid station and the start of another climb.

Race result: 8:44:33 and 4th.


Patrick Thurber said...

4500m in 60K! woof. you know how to pick the good ones, homie! saludos!

Daniel Rowland said...

Thanks Pat!! It sure was a beast with some serious climbing. I'm glad to see you have a goal lined up for later in the year. It's great that you guys have a focus race to train towards over the summer. All the best my man.