My gear for the Jungle Ultra 2014

I've posted lists of my gear and food for all my previous multi-stage races (you can find the list on the preparing for multi-stages page). I'm getting better at the process and now know exactly what I like to take with me and how to put it all together as a pack. Rather than my usual detailed lists or explanation videos, Vanessa and I had some fun putting together this unpacking video.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments.


Patrick Thurber said...

first off, the video is awesome! great concept and while being funny, it also is really impressive to see all your gear unpacked like that. it makes the tough reality of your races really evident. i couldn't tell from the vid: are you doing almost entirely powdered food? if so,'re like the living definition of eye of the tiger, hahaha! can't wait to follow the race! i hope you're feeling great and looking forward to an amazing time! take care, homie! - pat.

Daniel Rowland said...

Hi Pat

Thanks for the great comment - I'm glad this helps to put the race into perspective a little.

Yes - I raced on almost entirely powder food... The real food I had was almonds for breakfast and grated parmesan and olive oil for dinner (which were not really solid foods). There were also a couple of protein bars thrown in there for good measure. The race went well so it seemed to work.

It was more "welcome to the jungle" than "eye of the tiger" :)

Unknown said...

Awesome Video. Love it
Do you have the list of gears somewhere? thanks

Daniel Rowland said...

Thank you. I don't have the list from this year, however, it is available on the Beyond The Ultimate website (!/2018/06/03). I always recommend going to the specific race website to get the latest gear list as the lists change from race to race and from year to year.