Atacama Crossing - Summary

Here's a recap of all the Atacama Crossing material from my race last month. I have most of the pictures from friends and the official photographer on my blog and a few other links to the results and videos from the race.

Racing to V at the finish. (Source: Argi)

My race reports from each stage:

Atacama Crossing - Stage 1
Atacama Crossing - Stage 2
Atacama Crossing - Stage 3
Atacama Crossing - Stage 4
Atacama Crossing - Stage 5
Atacama Crossing - Stage 6

Official results, photos and videos from RacingthePlanet:

Official results
Race photographs
Race videos

My gear reports:

Before the race
Post race report

My finishers' medal and my trophy for winning the 20 to 29 year age group:


Brian said...

Ok, now that you have finished. What next? I want to run sahara, but timing might be a bit tight. Gobi next year? Antartica if you can? Where to from here?

Daniel said...

I'm not exactly sure yet. I have some shorter races planned for the rest of this year: marathon trail races and a few 50 milers. I'm hoping to use these to work on my speed and build my single day endurance for the long day in multi-day races. I will be posting an update with more detail on this year's races soon.

Next year I would like to run the Atacama Crossing again and maybe the Gobi. However, that's still a long way off and I have plenty of time to think about these races, plan and prepare.

PGCE.2012 said...

whatever happened to just running on a simple tartan track.... you guys are really brave and you take adventure to another level. keep it up chaps

Daniel said...

Hi Pete, thanks for the comment. This sure is a different playground to the track! It is also much more exciting and provides a few more views and interesting things to see along the way!!