2020 race season version 2.0

At the beginning of the year I prepared a race calendar focusing on four goal races for 2020. The selection criteria for these races were based on lessons from past race choices and identifying the conditions where I have performed my best and where I enjoyed myself the most. Some of these criteria are:

  • I need to be excited about the race. This may seem obvious, but I haven't always done well in races I "should" do, or that I've done because of the competition or convenience.
  • I need a crew during longer races as I benefit from the support and from knowing that I have a team who want to help me run my best.
  • I need to be able to schedule and execute training that prepares for the specific conditions of the event. In particular, altitude and heat are conditions I know I need to be acclimated to.
  • I prefer to be able to run on or review the race route in my training so that I can plan my race strategy.
  • I prefer races where I can control the logistics and remove factors that may cause me stress before the race. I like races closer to home, where I can travel with sufficient time to allow for unanticipated changes to the plan, or places where I have raced before.

This year's original calendar has been slowly modified and then completely written off as all my goal races have now been cancelled in 2020. I wasn't sure if I would race at all this year. However, some races have been held successfully in Switzerland in the last month and the authorities here are allowing races that meet their safety requirements. With those conditions in place and seeing that there haven't been any outbreaks after the first few races that were held, I feel like it's a good time to start planning some races for the end of the season.

I have chosen some brilliant races that are close to home and that meet the requirements that I mentioned above. I think these races will be great opportunities to get out on the trails again, to race hard, and to explore some different formats and locations. I can't wait to get started!

Trail de la Pierre a Voir - 15 August 2020

19km with 1300m D+
Saxon, Valais, Switzerland

I raced the 33km event in 2017 (race report) and enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to going back and running harder and faster in the 19km version of this race.

Trail de Pierre a Voir - 2017

Course Ovronnaz - Cabane Rambert - 6 September 2020

8km and 1350m D+
Ovronnaz, Valais, Switzerland

I've always wanted to do a vertical kilometer race and I still haven't done one yet. This will be my first purely uphill race and I'm both excited and nervous about it!

Trail des cabanes - 20 September 2020

40km and 3500m D+
Fully, Valais, Switzerland

This is a race I've thought of doing before, but I haven't had the chance to get around to it until this year. The route links four alpine cabins. It looks amazing.

Trail Vallée de Joux - 11 October 2020

51km and 2300m D+
Le Sentier, Vaud, Switzerland

I've raced this event twice before (2015 race report) and I used to train on these trails regularly when we lived in Aubonne. This race will bring back some good memories and it will be nice to race somewhere I've run well before.

Trail Vallee de Joux - 2015

This should be a fun and enjoyable set of races for the end of summer and heading into autumn. I'm really happy to return to racing!


In addition to the anticipation of racing again, I'm also extremely excited to represent HRV4Training in my training and races for the next year. I started using the app a few years ago, I was an ambassador in 2019, and then I started working with Marco and Ale in 2019 to assist with the customer support. I use the app every morning, I base my daily training and training cycles on the measurements and analysis provided by the app and the online platform, and I use the app with my coaching clients (more details on all of these coming soon). I trust the advice and guidance from HRV4Training completely.

I'm very proud to be starting this new phase with HRV4Training and I'm looking forward to this fantastic opportunity.

With Ale and Marco before we ran from La Fouly to Champex Lac this summer.

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