Trail des Reculées

This race was on 2 April in the French Jura. It was my second race of the 2017 season and I absolutely loved the route. There was lots of climbing and descending the reculées and running through small French villages.

I started off well and I felt like I was running a smooth and consistent pace until about half way through the race. However, at the halfway checkpoint I noticed that I was a little slower than the previous year despite feeling like I was running faster. I kept running, keeping a good rhythm and I thoroughly enjoyed the route. In the last 6km to 8km I started to fatigue and slow up. The last part of the race was tough and a bit of a slog.

Overall I was happy with my result and the shape I am in considering the training that I've done this season so far. I need to do some longer endurance runs and increase my weekly volume to build my aerobic endurance. I have been doing lower mileage compared to the same time last year (by design) because I feel I may have peaked too early last year or perhaps been a little too enthusiastic in my total volume of training. Hopefully this adjustment will mean better results at the key races this summer, but it does leave me a little short on endurance right now.

This way!

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Spring in #Jura. Awesome!!

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