The first time I saw snow was when I moved to Alaska in 2009. Growing up in Africa meant that there weren't too many chances to see snow and although there were occassional sprinkles of snow in the distant mountains I never got to run or play in the snow. Since then, every time we have the first snow of the season I'm like a little kid who just wants to head out and play. Here are some of my adventures over the last few years:

Last weekend we had the first snow of the season, a very early snowfall, and just like every year I rushed out to enjoy it!

Heading up from Blonay. You can see the snow line on the alps across the lake.
On the route behind Les Pleiades.
On the route behind Les Pleiades. More snow in destination in the background.
The snow always collects first on the boardwalks.
The snow was about ankle deep at 1200m.
I'm not sure if this is a winter wonderland or a bleak winter day...
I think the cows were not too happy the desalps was cancelled.

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