Winter in Switzerland - an update.

My last post was from my final race in the 2015 season (Trail Vallée de Joux). Since then I've had a break from training and started to put in the base work for the 2016 season. I haven't had a true offseason period for a while so it was great to have some time to rest, recover and plan for the upcoming year.

My winter training is going well and I'm enjoying the consistency of uninterrupted training and lower intensity mileage. A lot of the higher climbs and mountain trails are covered in deep snow so I have been focusing on my training volume, economy and aerobic development. I feel like I'm making a good start to the year.

I'll let the pictures tell the story of my adventures and training over the last few months.

V and I went away for a break in Zinal after the 2015 season.

The valley which Zinal lies in is one mountain range away from Zermatt.

Zinal is in Valais - the awesome star flag is the cantonal flag.

Summer sunshine lasted late into the year.

In autumn I managed a few snow-free runs in the Alps near Martigny.

A perfect autumn day near Bovine.

A great spot for lunch!

One week after my picnic lunch and winter arrived.

Snow capped Alps, low clouds and weak sunshine in the Jura.

I'm still excited every time it snows...

A winter wonderland in Ravoire.

An incredible weekend away in Adelboden.

My parents came to visit in December. I had to show my dad the Jura!

Adventures in the snow above Martigny.

Near Col de Forclaz with my mom. She loved Switzerland!

Chamonix on the beginning of the climb to Brevent.

Chamonix is very cool in winter too.

New trails I haven't run on before at the base of the Jura.

Playing in my winter wonderland.

Yes - the views are always incredible no matter the season.

Markings for the Vallée de Joux route - not so runnable at this time.

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