Winter in Santiago

I was away from Santiago for three weeks for the Jungle Ultra in Peru. It was already cooling down and transitioning into winter before I left, but when I got back it was definitely winter. This is my fourth winter in Santiago and I've only seen snow on Cerro Manquehue and Cerro Carbon once before [these are the two most accessible mountains about 3km from my apartment]. This winter it's already snowed on these mountains twice!

I headed out to run in the snow this morning and was fortunate to see the moon set and the sun rise. It was a spectacular morning and I really enjoyed myself. I love running in the snow and haven't had a chance to do it since I was living in AK so this was a real treat.

The moon setting behind a cloud-covered city.

Clouds sweeping through the city bowl.

This is a lot of snow so low on Cerro Carbon.

It was pure powder on top of the mountain.

Summit of Cerro Carbon with the sun rising behind Cerro Manquehue.

A beautiful sunrise this morning.

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