Autumn on the Swiss trails

Over the last few years I've come to enjoy autumn a great deal. This time of the year has taking on a meaning for me that every time it comes around I feel calmer and more relaxed. I usually take a few weeks off after my last race of the the summer season, then start looking ahead to the new season along with reflecting on the previous year. My training volume is at its lowest which perfectly matches the shortening of the days and the cooler weather. I feel like I'm synchronized with the seasons when I follow this approach.

The change in the conditions and in the mountains is wonderful to see. Here are some photos taken over the fall that show how much the same trails can change. Every day is an adventure in the mountains and every trail is different each time I run them.

Blonay on an autumn morning.

Starting to climb up to Les Pleiades. About 100m up from Blonay.

Early autumn on Les Pleiades - no snow, but clouds rolling in.

The snowline is at about 1200m here. Beautiful evening light.

The snowline is clear on the alps across the lake.

A couple of weeks later and the snowline was down to 600m.

It's still winter in the forests where the snow doesn't penetrate too much.

Up at Les Pleiades the snow was much deeper, but still a little patchy.

When there's snow in the forest it means winter is here!

Lots of snow at 1000m.

Completely white-out and calf-deep snow above treeline.

It's all about the views!

Les Pleiades in winter.

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