Despedida Run before leaving for KAEM13

Yesterday I ran my final group run in Santiago before I leave on Tuesday for South Africa for the KAEM. It was great to receive support from Lafuma and my fellow runners and friends. We ran into the hills from Mall Sport, and afterwards held a short presentation at the Lafuma store. The trail community in Santiago is fantastic and I'm grateful to be a part of it.

#bosses from the BossJogging team.

A pre-run photo in the Lafuma store.

About to depart.

Happy to be running with a great group.

Pre took us on a route with a lot of climbing (photo: TrailChile)

On an old road to Santiago (photo: TrailChile).

After the run I gave a presentation on the KAEM race and an overview of my training for it. It was fun to share my journey with the group and I hope I gave them some useful insight on what it takes for me to prepare for a multi-stage race.

Sharing some thoughts on training for multi-stage races.