Progress report - 3 weeks to KAEM

I'm always surprised during the final phase of training how the days can be distorted and feel both too short and too long at the same time. Since my last update I had a good training week and did my final block in San Pedro. The race felt far away as I still had some significant training to and lots of hours to run. Now that I've done that work, the days seem too short and the race is approaching rapidly. I'm feeling strong and in good form so I'm excited about getting to the start to show what I can do.

Daniel Rowland KAEM13 - Update 3 - 3 weeks to go from Daniel Rowland on Vimeo.

I mention in the update that there's an open training next week on 5 October. Everyone is welcome to join me at the Lafuma store before we head out for an easy run. There will be an event posted on Facebook later today. Here's the formal invitation:

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