Running with new friends

I met with Markus and Patrick again on Sunday to go for a long run and show them some mountains around Santiago. They both ran the Sanitago marathon earlier in the year and Patrick ran the UMA last year so they were not entirely unfamiliar with running in Santiago.

However, as I've discovered, not too many people know about the amazing trails and mountain routes that are easily available within running distance of the city. I love taking people up Cerro Carbon because it's so easy to access, close and I run it often so I know the trail well.

We took a great route that skirted along the lower trails on Cerro San Cristóbal, immediately providing a good view of the city, and then headed towards the mountain. Next we left La Piramide and quickly climbed out of the city smog and into the fresh air. Markus couldn't believe the smog which is not so apparent when you're in it, but which sat heavy and dirty in Santiago bowl. It was a great run, with perfect and clear views over Manquehue and the Andes from the summit.

Patrick and Markus as the viewpoint on Cerro Carbon.

All three of us at the viewpoint.

Patrick as KOM on top of Cerro Carbon.

Markus enjoying the view out to the Andes.

We managed to quickly get above the smog that was lying in the city bowl.

Always happy on top of my favorite mountain!

We didn't make it to Manquehue on this run, but hopefully next time.

I thoroughly enjoy new company on my runs and sharing "my" trails. After the run, Markus continued on to Lima for the next step in his epic South America trip, Patrick went home to Talca with plans to run together again soon, and I had enough time for a huge Chilean lunch in Pomaire!

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Patrick Thurber said...

Daniel! Thanks again for your most excellent trail running hospitality! I hope you and Vanessa are able to come down to the 7th region so I can return the favor! I will absolutely contact you when I come back up to Santiago. The ridge-line loop you pointed out to me from the summit of Carbon was extremely enticing. See you guys soon!


Daniel Rowland said...

Hi Patrick, it was my pleasure to take you guys out for a run and I'd love to come down to the 7th region for some training. Maybe in a couple of weeks when we can do some snow runs! We can definitely do the Ridge-line loop next time you're here and maybe establish a FKT...