Merrell Climbing Tour

On Saturday Vanessa and I did the second race in the Merrell Climbing Tour series. We thought that it was going to be a trail run, but it turned out to be an epic climb of over 1,000m altitude gain in the 6.5km of the route. We ended up hiking most of the way and took just over two hours to finish!

Happy and not knowing what was about to hit us!

Making our way up in the sea of orange race t-shirts.

On the steepest sections there were queues on the climb.

An amazing view awaited us at the finish and we were glad to be done.

We had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed the event. It was also great to have some company for the trip to Cerro El Roble with Markus and Patrick joining us. They raced and got places in the top 20 which slowed them down (although only a little!) for our long run the following day.

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