Showing Mike los senderos de Chile

Mike came to visit for business and although he's been to Chile before he was taken out on the roads and shown some of the parks to run in. While those are great for weekly training and the casual visitor I couldn't take my Alaskan, Crow Pass guiding, Mt Marathon regular for a run in the park!

Instead of letting him rest after about 16 hours of flying and two hours of commuting into the city, I took him up Cerro Carbon. It provided a great view of the city and I hope gave him a different perspective of what trails are available in Santiago.

Mike looking down on Santiago from the summit.

Half way up at the mirador.

It also happened to be his birthday the next day so to make the day even longer we had a small party- there can't be anything much better than running new trails and having cake on your birthday!!

Happy birthday Mike!!

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Anonymous said...

Great post Daniel. And thanks again, even months later, for your hospitality and thoughtfulness for my birthday! Indeed it is one that I will always remember. And what better way is there to shake that jet lag!

AK Heater