Snow on the Andes and a run with my dad

It rained in Santiago and that only means one thing: it's snowing in the Andes! While the snow level was not so low that we got good coverage on Manquehue, there was some "termination dust" on the highest peak in the city bowl signaling the true end of summer.

Snow-capped Andes surrounding Santiago.

I took to the trails with my dad, who is visiting from Zimbabwe, and we went straight to my favorite peak to share with visitors - Cerro Carbon. In 5 minutes we were up on the contour path and out of the city. The view was already spectacular with snow-capped Andes visible around the whole city.

Me and my dad at the mirador.

As we climbed, the view only improved when we reached the mirador first and later the summit. It was an unbelievably clear and beautiful day that lifts your spirits and makes you want to link up to Manquehue and the other peaks accessible from Carbon.

"Estoy un mirador!" - dad's Spanish gone wrong!

We spent an amazing two hours in the mountains and my dad was talking excitedly about some running adventures we can take on together in the future. While it's never great to say goodbye to the summer weather there is no better way to do it than a crystal clear morning run with the first snow of the year visible on the mountains around you.

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