Trail de la Pierre A Voir

In the last five weeks I've made some great progress on my climbing with some solid weeks of training and a good race at MaXi Race. After a good week with a long run on Thursday, I wanted to run a different route and I decided to use a race to ensure that I would complete a good effort on tired legs.

I found the Trail de la Pierre A Voir after looking for new climbs and routes around Martigny for training. The timing of the race was perfect and the race was just what I was looking for: 33km with 2200m of climbing and close to home. There is also a character to Swiss races that I love so this was definitely a great goal for the weekend.

I had a fantastic time in the race and achieved my objective of completing a good outing with lots of climbing. However, I felt quite tired and my legs were heavy from the last few weeks' training. It was good to train in a state similar to the final part of a long race, but it also reminded me of how tough that is!

Overall I had a great experience and I'll be going back to do this race again in the future.

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