June training update

After a good month of training in May and a good effort at MaXi Race I was looking forward to more miles and vertical gain in June. My plan was to continue and build on my level of climbing per week and run some race-specific sessions.

Focus for June
  • climbing, descending and total vertical gain per week
  • long runs in the mountains to simulate the race length

Training statistics
  • Time: 72hrs 25min
  • Distance: 453km
  • Vertical gain: 24,000m

Training log - running by distance

Green bubbles = normal training
Yellow bubbles = workout
Red bubbles = race
XT = cross training

Training log - all by time

Green bubbles = running
Purple bubbles = cycling

I have included the log by time for this month as it shows the volume of training more accurately after I shifted to cycling more after a fall in the second week of the month.

Review of the month
June started off really well with a big week including a race at Pierre A Voir. I was a little tired, but happy to start off the month the right way. Unfortunately in the second week I fell hard on a descent and bruised and scraped my hip, side, elbow and knee. I thought I would bounce back quickly, but the recovery took longer than I hoped. I spent a lot of time in the following two weeks on the indoor trainer (bike) trying to keep up my aerobic fitness and letting my body recover. In the last week I did some good work with a long run and some hard workouts.

Overall I had a decent month, but didn't manage to build on from May as I had planned. Sometimes little setbacks happen and luckily for me I didn't lose any fitness and still did some good training.


  1. Seems pretty good to me cuz... When's the next big race?

    1. Hi Dave

      Next up is CCC for me on September 1st. A great race starting in Italy, passing through Switzerland and ending in France. Just over 100km like the Eiger Ultra.

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