June training update

After a good month of training in May and a good effort at MaXi Race I was looking forward to more miles and vertical gain in June. My plan was to continue and build on my level of climbing per week and run some race-specific sessions.

Focus for June
  • climbing, descending and total vertical gain per week
  • long runs in the mountains to simulate the race length

Training statistics
  • Time: 72hrs 25min
  • Distance: 453km
  • Vertical gain: 24,000m

Training log - running by distance

Green bubbles = normal training
Yellow bubbles = workout
Red bubbles = race
XT = cross training

Training log - all by time

Green bubbles = running
Purple bubbles = cycling

I have included the log by time for this month as it shows the volume of training more accurately after I shifted to cycling more after a fall in the second week of the month.

Review of the month
June started off really well with a big week including a race at Pierre A Voir. I was a little tired, but happy to start off the month the right way. Unfortunately in the second week I fell hard on a descent and bruised and scraped my hip, side, elbow and knee. I thought I would bounce back quickly, but the recovery took longer than I hoped. I spent a lot of time in the following two weeks on the indoor trainer (bike) trying to keep up my aerobic fitness and letting my body recover. In the last week I did some good work with a long run and some hard workouts.

Overall I had a decent month, but didn't manage to build on from May as I had planned. Sometimes little setbacks happen and luckily for me I didn't lose any fitness and still did some good training.


Dave S said...

Seems pretty good to me cuz... When's the next big race?

Daniel Rowland said...

Hi Dave

Next up is CCC for me on September 1st. A great race starting in Italy, passing through Switzerland and ending in France. Just over 100km like the Eiger Ultra.

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