Week in review: building the mileage

Long run
This week my long run was split over two days of three hours each. A slight variation on what I've been doing in the past to prepare for more longer double days in the future.

Quality training sessions

Hill intervals: 2 x [200m D+, 2min recovery, 200m D-, 2min recovery]

The second time I've done this training session and I found it super tough! I could definitely feel the mileage I had run during the week and was slower and more fatigued that last time. A great session to work on and build my hill running strength.

Intervals: 10 x [2min hard, 1 min recovery]

I love this session and the less structured nature of it. I was strong and fast on all the hard intervals and could maintain a decent pace during the recovery intervals. A fun day out running.

I'm getting stronger and handling more running mileage so I suspect that the strength work I'm doing is helping to achieve this. I felt a lot less stiff this week and more accurate in each of the strength movements I did.

32Gi (Endure, Foodbar, Gels and Recover), UVU clothing, Zero Point Compression (intense socks and ankle socks), Nike Pegasus 28+ Trail, Nike Terra Kiger 2, Skechers GoRun Ultra, Garmin Fenix2

Garmin statistics
135bpm (average heart rate)

Another consistent and solid week of building my mileage. I was feeling very tired at the end of the week and definitely needed a rest day on Sunday. I feel more efficient and smooth in all my running which is good, but I know I need to be careful not to overdo the rate at which I build up total training volume.

Yesterday at the top and today on the bottom. The fog rolls in from the lake and settles in the hills.

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Cruising in the forest. #aubonne #arboretum #trailrun

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November has been a good month :) #stravaproveit #trailrun

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