5 hours running to find 5 mins of sunshine!

Last year I posted an update of a typical long-run day for me. I still do long runs at least once a week and have started to include some back-to-back long runs too. I thought it would be fun to post a new update with one of my long runs which are now in the Alps! 

The plan for this day was to run 4 to 5 hours in the mountains and do some solid climbing. I went to Aigle which is about an hour away from home to be in the Alps and climb up to the snow that was so spectacular a few weeks ago. Here's my day from waking up to the train journey home in the afternoon.

Breakfast of a crispy rice omelet, coffee and water.

Some flexibility and mobility work before leaving.

My fuel for the day: 32Gi endure, gels, bars and chews and some savoury treats.

My desert pack is a winter pack! Plus down jacket, poles and UVU rain jacket.

Swiss Federal Rail is super efficient and fast.

Climbing away from Aigle on the dirt access road.

It was cloudy and foggy, but surprisingly less snow than a few weeks ago.

Plenty of options to get lost in this thick cloud layer.

Lac des Chavonnes which was spectacular last time is now frozen over.

At the very summit I was just above the clouds and in the sun.

Spectacular views all around.

Heading back home into the cloud and fog again.

The welcome sight of the castle in Aigle - almost finished.

Recovery time (32Gi Endure mix) on the train home.

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