Week in review: back to base work

Long run

Quality training sessions

Hill intervals: 2 x [200m D+, 2min recovery, 200m D-, 2min recovery]

This is a new session for me aimed at building strength for climbing. The intention is to run about 200m of vertical gain, recover, run back down again and repeat. Both the climbing and the descent are to build strength and allow my legs to adapt to the stresses of this type of terrain. The hill I run on is is about 1.8km to gain the 200m so it's not very steep and I can run all the way, but it's definitely not easy!

Intervals: 10 x [2min hard, 1 min recovery]

A slight variation on the pyramids that I've been running in the previous few weeks. I'm feeling much more comfortable in the faster sections and enjoy running these intervals.

This week I could really feel the TRX work. My body was a little stiff and sore each day that I woke up after a TRX session. I guess I still have some work to do to get a stronger.

32Gi (Endure, Foodbar, Gels and Recover), UVU clothing, Zero Point Compression (intense socks and ankle socks), Nike Pegasus 28+ Trail, Nike Terra Kiger 2, Garmin Fenix2

Garmin statistics
133bpm (average heart rate)

Back to base training after a lower volume week last week and it felt great. My first week back after some recovery always feels good and I'm much smoother and faster in all the running I do. Ian gave me some different quality sessions to do which were a lot of fun. Overall, I feel like I'm progressing and doing some good training.

Monday morning: time to hit the trails :)

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