Week in review

Long run

Quality training sessions

Hill intervals: 2 x [200m D+, 2min recovery, 200m D-, 2min recovery]

This session seems to be the toughest run I do each week. It comes on a Saturday and it's just hard work all the way up the climb. I'm starting to feel stronger and to run it a little better (this is the third time I've done the training session), but I feel like I have a lot of improvement still to make.

Intervals: 12 x [2min hard, 1 min recovery]

A "bread-and-butter" session for me. Each week this run feels better and I handle the speed and distance well. I love the faster sections and still enjoy the less structured and inconsistent sections of higher intensity as I do this on a rolling course of hills.

My strength is coming along really well and I feel better each week. I sometimes have a lack of motivation to do the work, but once it's done I feel better, stronger and more prepared. TRX is an integral part of my training now.

32Gi (Endure, Foodbar, Gels and Recover), UVU clothing, Zero Point Compression (intense socks and ankle socks), Salomon Sense Mantra 2, Skechers GoRun Ultra, Garmin Fenix2

Garmin statistics
140bpm (average heart rate)

This week I felt tired and struggled in some of the higher intensity training sessions (especially the hills at the end of the week). Slowly I'm accumulating weeks of good work and that also leads to some fatigue. However, I'm in great shape and I know that the training is working well. Winter miles make for summer smiles!

Only the mountain tops peeked out of the clouds.

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Rolling along some wet winter trails.

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