Week in review: end of October

Long run

Quality training sessions

Hill pyramids: 2 x [1min hard/1min easy /2/2/3/3/3/3/2/2/1/1]

This week I was feeling a little flat and tired at the end of the week when it came time to do this session. The plan was to increase the number of pyramids to three, but I stuck with two and tried to keep the quality high. Accumulated time on the legs from the last month of base work means I'm starting to feel slightly fatigued. This is a great session which I enjoy and I hope I can manage the full three pyramids next week.

L2/L3 run for 1.5hrs

I have this training session perfected now. I can run right in the correct heart rate zone and I feel comfortable and quick when doing it. I enjoy running faster on my usual routes and testing the legs each week.

My general strength and mobility work is going well and I'm getting stronger. I need to think about what to do after the eight-week progression to maintain the strength and fitness I've built up. Maybe some more intense TRX work?

32Gi (Endure and Recover), UVU clothing, Zero Point Compression (intense socks and ankle socks), Skechers GoRun Ultra, Nike Terra Kiger 2, Nike Pegasus 28+ Trail, Garmin Fenix2, Black Diamond Ultra Z-poles

Garmin statistics
137bpm (average heart rate)

A very positive week of training and general progress this week. I'm pleased with my weekly training mileage and base training and the time I get to spend in the mountains is helping to improve my climbing and descending. I entered my first two goal races for 2015 this week which defines where I want to go and means I can focus my training to the specific race demands. I also received a whole lot of amazing new apparel to train and race with so I have the best gear to take me through the coming months.

A photo posted by Daniel Rowland (@danielwrowland) on

A photo posted by Daniel Rowland (@danielwrowland) on

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