Week in review

Long run

Quality training sessions

Hill pyramids: 3 x [1min hard/1min easy /2/2/3/3/3/3/2/2/1/1]

A great run at the end of the week and a vast improvement on last week. I felt smooth and fast and ran well through all three pyramids. I was happy with how this session went and the progress I've made in the last few weeks.

L2/L3 run for 2hrs

The longest "tempo" paced run that I've done in this build up period. A good run with an emphasis on actually running as opposed to jogging and being in ultra-mode… I enjoyed going faster and being at a running effort.

Still working on the general strength and mobility routine and happy with my progress.

32Gi (Endure and Recover), UVU clothing, Zero Point Compression (intense socks and ankle socks), Skechers GoRun Ultra, Nike Pegasus 28+ Trail, Garmin Fenix2

Garmin statistics
139bpm (average heart rate)

My longest week to date in this base period. I felt quite good at the end of the week and managed the longer mileage well. My base period is going well and I can feel that I'm get faster, a little leaner and more efficient in my running. A lot of work is still needed, but I'm pleased with where I'm at right now.

More miles, more smiles!

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