Running in the Swiss Alps

Living in Switzerland means that I have access to thousands of kilometers of marked trails which is fantastic for training and staying motivated. The trails around where I live, in Aubonne, are mostly rolling hills through farmlands and forests. I enjoy the trails I get to run on every day, but sometimes I need to supplement that with some serious climbing and for that I head to the Alps.

There are lots of options a few train stops away. I've run from Martigny, Aigle and Orsieres which are all close to the border with France and an easy day trip for me. There is an added advantage that the UTMB route passes through Switzerland close to Martigny so I can run on that trail and learn some of the climbs and tough parts of the race.

I love the little towns that seem to pop up in the most random spots between passes and in mini valleys. It means there are lots places to either start or stop a run, the trains and buses run quite regularly to even the smallest villages, and for me to top up on water or some food along the way. This really is trail running heaven!

Climbing out of Martigny is always beautiful in the morning.

There are some amazing cabins in the valleys around Champex Lac.

There is already some snow on some of the higher trails in the Alps.

The trails continuously move above and below the tree line.

Trient is one of my favorite stops in the Swiss Alps.

Lots of options of places to go from La Creta.

The views are spectacular from the Alpine trails.

Water fountains make it easy and quick to top up supplies on the go.

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