Follow me during the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon 2013

It's a few days until the race (I start on Saturday 19 October) and again I find myself with that pre-race feeling of a mix of nervous energy and excitement. I'm looking forward to running hard in a new place that I've never been to before with some great competitors.

During the race I'll have limited communication and the race organization will also face the difficulty of trying to provide updates on the competitors from the middle of the desert. However, there are a few ways to follow the race and message me during the week.

Follow the race
The KAEM team will be putting updates on their website, updating the Facebook group and posting videos each night. Their official communication promises that "The website will be updated daily with article, results, photos and video".

Follow me
Vanessa will be taking over my twitter account @dwrowland and posting updates to my Facebook page each day. So that you know it's her, any tweets or updates she writes will be followed by (VW).

Message me
Each day you can send me an email which I should receive (delayed) at camp the following night. To email me you need to use the runners' email address and put my name and bib number in the subject line.

Subject: Daniel Rowland 256

[You can also email my dad - Jonathan Rowland 263 - and my brother - Brian Rowland 255].

Thank you to everyone who is following the race and trying to keep up with my progress. I know that it's difficult when the updates are sparse, but I appreciate the support and knowing that you're out there trying.

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Patrick Thurber said...

i can't wait to write those emails...good luck, D! it's been a pleasure and inspiration following your training this year! you know you've got your chilean attachment sending you all the stokely boss-vibes we can send!