Progress report - 6 weeks to KAEM13

First up, I'd like to share that I had a great chat to Brad Brown from Trail Talk SA last week. We talked about the Atacama Crossing, living and running in Chile and some information about KAEM. I'm included on episode 7 of his podcast which he posted today (Monday 9 September).

It's 6 weeks until KAEM13 and everything is rolling along well and according to plan. Here's my latest video update:

In the video I mention last Monday's long run which was the longest in my build-up to the race. The details are on Strava which you can find by clicking the embedded file below:

I've also been keeping an album on Facebook of my training in and around Santiago in preparation for the race. I update this almost weekly with photos of where I'm running.

On Friday I'm going to San Pedro with my friend Pat for a training camp in the desert. We're going to run in the sand and salt flats and I'll be carrying my race pack as part of my final preparations and last specific training. I'm really looking forward to the time away and in the desert. My next update will most likely be filled with desert scenery!


a said...

Super super solid long run Drow !!! I know you will have a killer training block in SPA

Patrick Thurber said...

very stoke about SPA. i have a 40c fever and strep throat today...but i went to the doc and everything will be better in two days, he says!

Daniel Rowland said...

Thanks Max - I'm looking forward to the final block of work in the desert. Have a good week in Iquique.

Daniel Rowland said...

I hope you start feeling better soon, buddy!