A block of training in San Pedro de Atacama

NOTE: August 2020

I went to San Pedro a few times for training camps to prepare for races. This trip was memorable because Pat came out to train with me and it was his first time in the desert. We had a fantastic time and shared plenty of hot and dry miles under the Chilean sun. I had forgotten that we put together the video at the end of this post and I had also forgotten how windy it was!

This week I went to San Pedro de Atacama to do my third block of training before KAEM13. This was my last peak weak of mileage and race specific preparation before a taper so it was important to get it right. I've raced in the Atacama twice, done a training block there before and spent a couple of weeks before this year's Atacama Crossing there to acclimatize. I know the area well, know some good routes and can choose different areas to run to practice in sand or hard trails or dirt roads.

I took all my KAEM13 race gear to do a final test run. I also tried out some of my planned race nutrition and recovery meals. It was a very specific block of work and went very well.

I was also very lucky to be joined by Pat for the week. He kept my motivation up, pushed me hard on the last few days and provided great company in the desert which can be lonely on your own. His company made the block much more enjoyable all together.

The ridgeline above Valle de la Muerte.
Cruising along the ridgeline and feeling good early in the run.
Pat and me on enjoying a great day in the desert.
Valle de la Luna and its sand dunes.
Running towards the amphitheater.
A good day running through the moonscape.
Happy to be heading home for the day.
More spectacular scenery in the desert.

Here's the video that Pat put together from some of his footage from the our time in the desert.

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