Trail des Cabanes - course reconnaissance

On 20 September I'm planning to run my third race from my 2020 race season 2.0. The Trail des Cabanes is part of the Fully-Sorniot races and is a race I've thought about doing before, but I've never fit it in because of the timing that didn't fit with other goal races I've had in the past.

In preparation for the race I've been out to run on the route twice breaking it into two separate loops so I could see all the route without having to run the whole race each time. I have been blown away by how beautiful and picturesque this area is. I hadn't run in this part of the alps before this summer so this has been a wonderful discovery of a new area for me.

I'm really looking forward to the race and to exploring more around here in the future. I can see many route options that link the trails I ran on last week at Ovronnaz-Rambert and the trails used in this race. It's always a treat to discover new trails and imagine the adventures ahead!

Starting in Fully the route winds through the vineyards crossing the VK Fully route a number of times.
In the last section before the Sorniot plateau it's rocky and steep.
The first cabane is Cabane de Sorniot and there is some relief from the climb with a few flat kilometers around the lake.
Depending on the clouds, the views stretch across the valley to Mont Blanc.
The second cabane is Cabane de Sex Carroz.
Cabane de Sex Carroz.
The next section is rocky and technical and slippery when wet. A descent and steep ascent to the next cabane.
After a long ascent the next cabance is Cabane du Demècre. The route has looped back towards Sorniot.
Grand Lac de Sorniot.
Heading towards Cabane du Fénestral. A little relief again before the next climb.
Col du Fénestral is ahead on the horizon; the penultimate big climb of the race.
The view from Cabane du Fénestral.
A descent into the valley and towards Euloi. It's a beautiful and runnable section of the route.
Before the last climb the view stretches out towards Ovronnaz and Cabane Rambert where I raced last weekend.

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