Scene on the run: 6 July 2020 to 12 July 2020

Tuesday: on the way to Col de Soladier.

Tuesday: looking towards Rochers de Naye and the alps from Cap au Moine.

Tuesday: looking down the ridge from Cap au Moine to Le Pila.

Tuesday: some rolling fields and pre-alpine terrain on the way home.

Wednesday: on my way up to Leysin from Aigle.

Thursday: arriving at Lac de Taney.

Thursday: Lac de Taney.

Thursday: on the way up Le Grammont looking out to Alamont.

Thursday: trying to see home on the other side of the lake.

Thursday: Grand Combin, Dents du Midi, and Mont Blanc.

Thursday: looking up the Rhone valley.

Thursday: on top of Le Grammont.

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