Scene on the run: 29 June 2020 to 05 July 2020

Wednesday: heading up from home into the pre-alps.

Wednesday: the ridge towards Le Pila (1855m) on the far right.

Wednesday: making my way along the ridge.

Wednesday: Le Pila is the highest point in Blonay.

Wednesday: heading back along the ridge and down towards home.

Thursday: Gorges du Dailley

Thursday: incredible Swiss infrastructure.

Thursday: Notre Dame du Scex above St Maurice.

Thursday: The view from the chapel down to St Maurice and the valley.

Saturday: looking back towards Aigle on the start of the journey to Leysin.

Saturday: looking out from Prafandaz towards Lac Leman.

Saturday: the Dents du Midi are always a great reference point.

Saturday: looking across the col from Riondaz to Berneuse.

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