Training on the Verbier St Bernard race route

On July 7th I'm running the Trail Verbier St Bernard race. I've been out on the trail learning the route over the past two months and I love everything about this route! It's spectacular, brutally tough, and traverses multiple trails and areas that I've run before.

I can't wait to run the race and see all of these trails in one day. Here are some pictures collected during my training on the route over the last few months.

Looking down into the valley from near the start in Verbier.

Looking back towards Verbier from the trail out of the village.

At the top of the first climb of the race neat Château.

On the way up from Sembrancher to Alpage Catogne.

Alpage Catogne.

Just above Alpage Catogne and on the way to Le Catogne.

Looking back into the valley from Alpage Catogne.

Ridges and steep climbs.

Le Catogne in the background and the race trail to the left towards Champex Lac.

A very steep and loose descent from the summit of Le Catogne.

Champex Lac seems far down below.

The top of the skilift"au point 1986m".

The ibex statue outside Cabane d'Orny.

The high mountains are spectacular - this is definitely a "mountain" route!

Crossing la prise d'eau de Saleina.

Looking up the valley from La Fouly towards Lac Fenêtre.

Lac de Fenêtre.

A descent down into Italy close to Col St Bernard.

Lac des Toules on the way down from Col St Bernard.

Looking back towards Champex Lac and Sembrancher from Bourg St Pierre.

On the way to Cabane Mille.

I love this route!

Looking across the valley towards Cabane Mille.

Half way up the last (very steep) climb of the race.

The view from La Chaux before descending down to the finish.

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