Training for Transgrancanaria - part 1

The first race in my 2018 calendar is the Transgrancanaria Advanced (TGC) at the end of February. The race is very similar in distance to UTCT at 65km and the climbing is the same with the big difference being a long descent to the finish. Based on my form after UTCT and the time available to prepare for TGC, I wanted to take the opportunity to increase my training volume and build up a good base. The first part of preparing for TGC - these last five weeks - aimed to set me up for the race as well as building a good base for the whole year.

Focus for the block
  • building up weekly mileage, vertical gain and training hours
  • increasing my long run from shorter pre-UTCT training
  • short intervals every three days to work on speed and turnover

Training statistics
  • Time: 102hrs 03min
  • Distance: 878km
  • Vertical gain: 29 600m

Training log

Green bubbles = normal training
Yellow bubbles = workout
Red bubbles = race
XT = cross training

Review of the block
I've had a great block of work and I'm very pleased with how it has come together over the last five weeks. I feel like I can handle the mileage and vertical and that it has set me up for a good five week run into the race. I'm looking forward to keeping this momentum and doing some more specific training as I lead into TGC.

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