Pre-CCC training update

I approached CCC with a short-term plan to do a good block of training in the six weeks between the Eiger Ultra and CCC. I knew that I needed a good block with some intensity and higher mileage and also some time at altitude in the final weeks leading into the race.

Focus for CCC preparation
  • 3 day training blocks with intensity early in the week
  • long runs in the mountains to simulate the race length

Training statistics
  • Time: 91hrs 33min
  • Distance: 693km
  • Vertical gain: 35,800m

Training log

Green bubbles = normal training
Yellow bubbles = workout
Red bubbles = race
XT = cross training

Review of the block
I was very pleased with how this block of work went. I found a good weekly routine, achieved the consistency I wanted and did some excellent long runs on the CCC route with Patrick and Moises. Ending off the block in Chandolin really helped during the race in terms of being ready for the altitude, but also in terms of setting me up mentally for the race.

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