Week in review: base week #2

Long run

Quality training sessions

Hill pyramids: 2 x [1min hard/1min easy /2/2/3/3/3/3/2/2/1/1]

This was a great session on a rolling route with lots of little climbs. I enjoyed doing intervals based on time and on different terrain for each interval. It was different to my normal hill intervals and a good way to bring some variety into my training.

L2/L3 run

This run effectively replaces the interval sessions that I have been doing. It was at an intensity a little easier than a tempo run, but also pushing a little out of my comfort zone to do some faster running. I set an even pace and enjoyed moving a little more quickly on the trails.

I continued with my general strength and mobility program and I'm still pleased with how it's going. I also added back my first TRX session going back to basics and doing the exercises I first did when I started training with Ian.

Equipment used
Salomon Sense Mantra 2, Skechers GoRun Ultra, Nike Terra Kiger 2, Garmin Fenix2, 32Gi (Endure and Recover), Black Diamond Ultra Z-poles

Garmin statistics
140bpm (average heart rate)

A very solid week of training. It started out well with a long run in the mountains and continued with some double days and quality sessions at a lower intensity than normal. The goal now is for me to build my weekly volume and get the time on my legs. This week was a perfect start towards that.

Getting started in a very wet and rainy Orsières.

Champex Lac - one of the most beautiful places I've been!

Leaving Champex Lac and heading down the valley.

The descent from La Giète to Trient - it was slow and slippery for me.


Catogne is an aid station on the UTMB route after a brutal climb from Trient.


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Love the Hat man !

Daniel Rowland said...

Thanks Max! It helps with the rain....