Week in review: taper in

Long run

My first race in Switzerland. I planned to thoroughly enjoy this race, get a couple of points for UTMB/CCC qualification and get a feel for some new equipment (poles and pack). In addition to that there was a lot of climbing to do at about 3,500m during the 55km of the race. It went really well and I achieved all my objectives. My Chilean friends will be super pleased to know that I was bombing the downhills and making up plenty of places on the technical descents (thanks for the guidance on Manquehue and other mountains, Max, Mati and Moi!).

Quality training session

Intervals: 4x[1km @ 4min/km, 200m recovery]

This week's intervals were a shorter session with a race on the weekend coming up. I ran four controlled intervals and it felt good. My legs were turning over nicely and I felt good all the day. A confidence building run for sure.

The second week of the general strength and mobility series. I'm getting stronger and feeling the benefit of these exercises already. A little more work still needed to perfect each exercise, but I'm looking forward to adding some more complexity during week three.

I did another hiking session with the poles and I felt a little more comfortable with them in my hands. (In retrospect, the practice with poles made a huge difference during my run in Les Diablerets.)

Equipment used
Salomon Sense Mantra 2, Skechers GoRun Ultra, Nike Terra Kiger 2, Black Diamond z-pole ultra, Garmin Fenix 2, 32Gi (chews, endure tabs, foodbars)

Garmin statistics
4,890m (elevation gain)
144bpm (average heart rate)

A great week of running mostly because of the awesome fun I had on the weekend running in the Alps. It felt a little strange to be tapering down for a race when last week I said that I was just "finding routine", but it turned out well and I ran a solid eight hours with plenty of climbing on Saturday which went a long way towards setting up my future objectives. I learnt a lot of things about the terrain, about what training I need to focus on (sustained climbing) and had a great time.

Les Diablerets with the mountains and climbs in the background.

Les Diablerets is a beautiful village nestled in the Alps.

About to finish up my 8 hour running day!

No Swiss event is complete without some alphorns being played.