Week in review: finding routine

Long run

Quality training sessions

Intervals: 6 x [1km at 4min/km; 200m recovery]

This training session went well. I'm able to run the 4min/km pace consistently and relatively easily. I need to run more time at a higher intensity to build in the future.

Hills intervals : 10 x [200m climb hard; 200m descent recovery]

I ran each interval hard and could definitely feel it after a couple of the intervals. I didn't quite finish as many as I wanted to (or that were planned) as I had my fueling wrong and felt really flat towards the end of the session. A lesson re-learnt...


I did my first week of the eight week general strength and mobility routine. I'm surprisingly more mobile and flexible than I expected, however, I could definitely feel the hard work in my hips and hamstrings after the first few days of the routine.

I also did some gentle hiking to get used to using my poles. Lots more coordination needed :)

Equipment used
Salomon Sense Mantra 2, Skechers GoRun Ultra, Garmin Fenix2

Garmin Statistics
136bpm (average heart rate)


In the end a week that I'm pleased with. Nothing special in terms of volume or quality, but a great return to routine and consistent training. With our move in the last few months I've felt quite interrupted and at times have lost the regularity and "clockwork" of my training so it's great to be back in the right groove. I have a great week to build on again.

So many options!!

The trails in Vaud are mostly rolling hills through the countryside.

I get to run in the woods a lot and I love it!