Training in the south of Chile

Vanessa and I went on a summer road trip to the lake district in the south of Chile this month (there are plenty of posts and photos on our blog). January is great time to travel as the weather is perfect and the days are long. The road trip was also a chance for me to run on some new routes and break out of my usual routine. It was a well needed break and a lot of fun.

Here are photo highlights of the trip along with links to the Strava files of some of my runs.

Lago Captrén in Parque Conguillío.

In front of Salto Truful Truful in Parque Conguillío.

A TRX session in the forest of Parque Conguillío.

In Puerto Varas (I did a great run from Frutillar to Puerto Octay here).

Volcan Mocho-Choshuenco in Huilo Huilo.

Running in Huilo Huilo.

The lake district is spectacular!

Running in Concepción with Mike.

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  1. Ahhhhh… Rowdster. Some pics. Enjoy that Chile-Thingy. Makes me want to travel…


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