KAEM 2013: Running in the family

My dad and brother were so excited after my Atacama Crossing race last year that they decided they would join me for a desert race. The initial plan was to do the Atacama Crossing together this year. However, the plan didn't work out perfectly as my brother changed jobs, my dad had exams scheduled close to the race and they both underestimated how much preparation they would have to put in to be ready. I would have loved to have them in the desert with me and I think I held up my end of the deal pretty well so it's time for Brian and dad to hold up their end of deal!

The good news is that we're all signed up for the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon (KAEM) in South Africa. The family running adventure is scheduled for late October and it's going to be an epic event. This time we've all paid our entries, our training is currently underway (some of us more than others) and gear choices are being pondered already.

For anyone who wants to follow our progress, my dad and brother will be posting weekly updates on the Running in the family page. The latest entry has been posted and there will be fresh posts available every Monday morning.

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