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Leading up to and during the Atacama Crossing 2013 I will be keeping a blog on the Racing the Planet website. After each stage I'll update my blog with some details of the day and how I'm feeling. If you'd like to follow, you can find my blog posts here.

My first post is already up:

Hello and welcome to my blog for the Atacama Crossing 2013. I ran this race last year and was completely overwhelmed by all the support I received from family and friends via email during the race. This year I will be writing a blog so it's easier to follow my progress and as a way to let anyone following know how I'm feeling during the race.

With 27 days to go to the race I'm extremely excited and cannot wait to arrive in San Pedro to start the race. I completed a tough four-day training block last week, my final big training week before the race, and now I'm slowly tapering down to the race to let my body relax and take in the work I've done so far. Often the taper period can feel a little boring as if you're not making progress towards the race. However, I feel happy with my training so far and I'm pleased to have this period to consolidate the work I've done and to do the final race-tuning work to arrive at the start in good condition.

I have almost all of my gear for the race ready to go. I'm fortunate that I raced last year so I still have most of the obligatory materials, and this year I have the support of Lafuma Chile so I have a few new pieces of equipment and some new clothing for the race. I have also tested my nutrition for the race; it's ready to go and hopefully a little more nutritious and delicious than last year!

I will post another two updates before the race (on Mondays) and then a brief recap after each stage during the race. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions on this blog and I'll try to answer them.

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