Cerro San Cristobal training with friends

NOTE: July 2020
This was a fantastic outing with some friends on a familiar route in Santiago. It was great to have some company and support before I left for San Pedro. I remember feeling like I was in great shape and enjoying laughing and speculating about the upcoming race with my friends. Top times!

This weekend I ran my last long run in Santiago before traveling to San Pedro for the Atacama Crossing. In the last month I've run a lot of loops on Cerro San Cristobal by myself and I really wanted some friends to join me to take the sting out of another 3 hours on the mountain. Luckily for me, Matias and Christopher were free and Patrick happened to be visiting Santiago to show his family the city.

I wanted to treat this last long run as a final test for my gear and loaded up with my full pack, gaiters and race clothing (quite a few times during the run I looked over at Pat with just a handheld and quietly cursed him!). Everything worked according to plan and I feel that I have my final race gear ready. I'm quite pleased that it worked so well.

We ran two loops around Cerro San Cristobal at a smooth, cruising pace. There weren't any climbs that had us bending over and breathing hard and we could thoroughly enjoy the conversation and company of good friends. Matias knows San Cristobal well and together with the trails that I know we joined together a great series of single track and trail running.

Ready to go on a perfect day. 

A last trial run with my race gear - fully loaded!

Starting the day with a little climbing. 

An easy section on tar  before we rejoined the trails. (photo: trailchile.com)

More climbing! (photo: trailchile.com)

Matias took plenty of photos and also grabbed and edited this brilliant video below. He does some great work showing the trail events and routes in Chile and I'm glad that he'll be in San Pedro on the last day of the race reporting for TrailChile.


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